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MinePlank 2.0 Release

ImJustPro a posted Mar 1, 14

I know must of you are upset because of all the changes of the release date for the new map, but we've had some IP issues today with the host and it's taken a lot longer than expected.

Me and few others actually spent 6 hours alone working on the new spawn the other day, which I had expected to only take an hour. That and other issues have made me come to the decision of delaying the release one more day. I still have a few things to finish/fix.

MinePlank 2.0 will be opened Sunday, March 2nd 2014, at 4:00PM EST!

No more delays. It will happen then!
mitchell166 remember me?
P1C4S0ftw Please bring back hg it was so awesome!!!
Adidasman11111 I didn't do anything

Map Reset?

ImJustPro a posted Feb 22, 14
So since the re-opening of the server a little over two weeks ago, we've seen our fair share of changes, bugs, and issues. As most of you know, over this weekend we were supposed to introduce a bunch of new features to the server and fix pretty much everything that's been complained about.

However, several users and myself on the server decided that it'd be a good idea to reset the map. I like this idea, because it gives us a fresh new start with the new features. On the day of the map reset, we'd have all the new features introduced into the server. And as our long-time users have noticed, on days of map resets, we get the most users online. The only issue however, is we would have to pre-generate the map. We do this to prevent lag and it really does help a ton. And to pre-generate the set world border (15,000 block radius) means generating over 15 MILLION chunks. Not blocks, chunks. This process usually takes about 2-3 days to do. That would mean the server would have to be offline for the time being. This would give us time to work on a server trailer to be released the day of, and more advertising. It would give the server an explosion of new players.

So, here's how it is:

  • More time to work on server trailer
  • More time to work on advertisements
  • More time to work on all of your suggestions
  • Most of you may not think this, but when you keep people waiting for something it does make the urge to play much better
  • Fresh start for everyone
  • New spawn
  • All the new features
  • Server whitelisted for 2-3 days
  • All stats and the map would be wiped

So I'm going to leave this up to you guys!

Adidasman11111 unbaned me
jed324 wtf is swagcraft prison
Going Premium

After many, many requests, I've decided that the server will be switching to premium.

For those who think this is a bad idea, here's the benefits of doing this:
  • No login/register plugin (less lag and less pain in the ass)
  • Less people speaking other languages (most are cracked)
  • No account issues
  • Less hackers
  • Ban evading will be a LOT harder, making people think twice before hacking

Although you may think we will lose a lot of players, I plan to introduce some new things to the server as well as advertise a ton to get us some new, premium players. During this time we'll recruit some new staff and try to help out as much as we can to ensure the new players enjoy our server!

This will most likely be done over the weekend.

Staff Applications

We are now taking applications for the position as moderator for MinePlank PvP.

A new staff section has been added (visible for everyone), which will include all ban reports and contains information on the punishment system for staff members.

You can send in an application by clicking the "Apply for Staff" button at the top!
Slapz_ Hi Eric i send a applic requst about getting in to the staff last sunday can ypu replay to me pls
epicgamerdude54 well it better Premium less op hackers while playing hg
faviojou and make a good faction whit memmbers

Launch Date!

ImJustPro a posted Feb 3, 14

Well, it's official. MinePlank will be opened to the public.
So, for the answer you've all been waiting for...

MinePlank PvP will be re-opened on Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 9:00PM EST!

For the people who join in the first few hours, there will be a special reward. Don't know what it'll be yet, but I'll make sure it's impossible to get without being among those people in the first few hours. So be sure to be online for the grand opening! :)

Make sure to post your suggestions on the forum, I read and consider all of them!
soccerm1 ok...............................
soccerm1 Lol manovox use proper English '' on the Forums it's ignoring'' that doesn't even make sense.
DaPorkyPig Mineplank down again... ahhh nostalgia
The server is very close to being opened. Once all these items are complete, the server should be open!

Purchase server - Complete
Configure DNS settings - Complete
Configure server properties - Complete
Install plugins - Complete
Chat setup - Complete
Groups - Complete
Donator Perks - Incomplete
Map Generation - Complete
Spawn - Complete
Configure Plugins - Complete
Voting - Complete
soccerm1 WHY DOESNT IT SAY GOD FOR NinjaMinecraft09 This server isnt open, like ImJustPro you need to do things right to have a p ...
VICPARK15 Who the fuck is Kinkaku?
Kinkaku The Emperor will once again sit on his throne. (I'm talking about me if you didn't know)
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just spawn woodenplank sign
do the last time u do
now is ur chance to get ur dream
imjustpro whats the ip